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erica swarvane ([personal profile] the) wrote in [community profile] sways2015-12-24 01:07 pm

( two forty-five ) can't be a victim, can't fall short.

160 ends & odds.
082 • X-2: X-MEN UNITED ( deathstrike/khu )
046 • AGE OF ULTRON ( vision/pbets )
024 • THE LIBRARIANS S2 ( ezekiel jones/jkim )
005 • SAILOR MOON game sprites ( beryl, outer scouts )
003 • DANGER 5 ( ilsa )

batch notes.
cleaning out my "done" folder guess i'll never finish vision at least not this year
upcoming posts: jessica jones & trish walker, 300ish black widow from aou

• no altering, feel free to credit stellar skateboard

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